Remember my DIY Heart-shaped Paper Clips? They're cute, right? Today, another craft idea has been put into creation -a DIY Paper Clip Heart Earrings!

I am so excited to share this. Thanks to henryhappened for this wonderful DIY project. This is just easy peasy!

1 yard of Red Yarn (red color is required when you plan to give this project as a Valentine's Day present or for using it on All Heart's Day)
2 Paper Clips
2 Earring Hooks
Glue (optional)

A pair of scissors (to cut the yarn)

  1. Get the first paper clip. Bend the paper clip into a traditional heart shape. That's what I did to my first clip but since it's not easy bending it into a perfect heart shape, I just opened the paper clip and let the two end points meet together which formed into asymmetrical heart shape.
  2. Grab the yarn and start by tying a knot. You can have an option of dabbing a little glue to hold it into place. Start wrapping over whichever side you want until all area is covered.
  3. Wrap the heart-shaped earrings with your yarn and criss-cross through it.
  4. Attach the hooks into each heart-shaped earring and ready to rock! 
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