I'd been watching the whole 4 seasons of Chuck for 4 days and I'd just finished it today. I feel so sad that I can no longer track the life of Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan. The series had ended and I admit, I cried. Yeah, I felt something terrible in my heart. Though, it's just a TV series, I think my life has changed forever. As the last episode ended, I felt like my life has been taken away from me. It felt like everything is being deprived to me. I am hooked on the story that I can't get rid off my mind.

Chuck is a comedy series and I love it. If they'll continue the story, I would be glad to watch it. I will surely miss the geek guy - Chuck, the beautiful blonde - Sarah, the tough guy - Casey, the nerdy bestfriend - Morgan and of course I'll never forget Jeffster, Big Mike, the NerdHerd desk and Buy More. 

It has been years since I read a good book so now that everything can be possibly found in the internet, watching TV series and movies has been a great escape and inspiration to create a good life. Chuck, you're an inspiration.