It's already 4 days since these itchy rashes conquered my body. Everytime I got these rashes, it is either I had eaten chicken meat or had a contact with a caterpillar. Maybe it's the caterpillar because I have a garden and I tended it the morning of that day I got these. 

The 500ml bottle of isopropyl alcohol is going to be emptied soon. It temporarily relieves the itchiness. The reddish spots has already turned into brownish which look a little gross. Though some parts of my body were already returned to the normal color, I feel like my skin is dry and the itchiness still remains the same. I feel so uneasy and I can't do my routine because I am afraid my body would collect dust and pollen which will aggravate my condition. I hope everything will be alright tomorrow. 

~ Rockbleeder

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