The other day, I remove some of my widgets and one of them is BlogUpp. The next day, I regret removing it because there's nothing who can post on my Twitter and Facebook anymore. For those who don't know BlogUpp regularly updates your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed with your latest blog post. 

Blog Promotion » BlogUpp!

Since my Twitter is already connected to my Facebook, whenever BlogUpp updates my Twitter with my post, it will automatically posted to Facebook. But I still enabled cross-posting to my Facebook because there is a 1,000 extra points for more blog exposure. 

BlogUpp is an all-in-one blog promotion service and selected blogger network connecting via blog widget, social web cross-posting, content discovery toolbar and blog directory, with Premium offering for bloggers and advertisers. Grab your widget now! :)

The procedure is just easy. Go to BlogUppSimply submit your blog to the box provided. Grab the widget then put it in your blog. You can also Cross-Post to Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter for more exposure.

Features of BlogUpp:

  • All-in-1 Blog Promotion
  • No Sign-up. Ultra-Simple
  • Set-n-Forget. Own the Time
  • Fair Play. No Click Incentives
  • Authentic Blogger Community
  • Facebook & Twitter Cross-Post
  • Analytics with Measurable Results
  • Wordpress, Blogspot and alike friendly
  • Trusted by Blogosphere, Proven by Time
  • Interactive Content Discovery Tools and more

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