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Little Accomplishments

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I have been feeling dizzy since yesterday so even when I went to bed at 11pm, I still couldn't sleep early. I got up at 6:30am to open the server then went back at bed but didn't get a straight sleep until 8am so I decided to get up. I prepared coffee for me and my husband to start another busy day.

My husband visited our internet shop branch in Malaban to check if the area has already an internet signal. The attempts of the two internet provider were unfortunate so my husband had to make a way because he is a determined businessman and the master of strategies. We have a tower in our rooftop so he got one antenna and tried it in our branch if it can access, but it didn't give a luck. He used his cellphone and finally, he got strong signal so he decided to buy a Smartbro Starter plug-it internet stick and so happy the branch has already an internet connection. People can now more enjoy their computer rental experience.

While my husband was away, I counted the money from our shop then worked on my Cha Cha affiliate programFuturetweets (scheduled my tweets) then cleaned the kitchen. I also labeled the key chains for the keys of our computer tables in our 2 shops. I feel so accomplished today.

He arrived late so we took our dinner at 9pm. We ate pure pork and beef dishes today from Atoy's. They're not healthy but delicious and it has been a long time since we buy food from them so we really savored the food.

It's 11:17pm now and my husband is already asleep. I think I have to join him now. Goodnight!


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  1. Accomplishments feel awesome don't they. Yes they do.

    You did have a very long day. I hope you sleep well. ☺


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