Do you still remember the 2nd of December? It was December 2, 2012 when we watched The Walking DeadEpisode 308: "Made to Suffer" on AMC. It was that day when all The Walking Dead fans were left with an intense, brilliant cliff-hanger for the winter finale when the Governor let the brothers, Daryl and Merle fight to the death! For two months, we've waited and long for an extreme comeback but many of us are disappointed. The Made to Suffer maybe suits us because we were made to suffer for two months waiting for an exciting episode.

I could say that the eight episode of season 3 is brilliantly executed with superb acting and plots with a bit of humor (that part when Axel mistaken Carol as a lesbian). It gave me an expectation that the ninth would be better just to find out it isn't as good as the previous ones. 

Here are some reasons why I'm a little bit disappointed about the show:
  • It was not as action-packed as the "Made to Suffer" episode. The fight of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Merle (Michael Rooker) in "The Suicide King" we're not as intense as I expected. They even didn't fight at all.
  • The airtime has a shorter duration than what I expected.

I may not get satisfied but of course seeing a favorite show makes me glad. I really love this show and always support it even the cast especially Daryl (Norman Reedus).

There's just one enigmatic part in that show that puzzles me - Beth (Emily Kinney) gave Rick an awkward kiss on his cheek. I might reason out that Beth fell in love with Rick because she's the one taking care of the baby but it's just too awkward and May-December relationship in the show doesn't seem possible. Well, we'll just wait for the answer in the next episodes.

Main Cast
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes
Laurie Holden as Andrea
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
Danai Gurira as Michonne
Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon
David Morrissey as The Governor
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
Emily Kinney as Beth Greene
Lew Temple as Axel
Dallas Roberts as Milton
Chad L. Coleman as Tyreese
Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinez
Alexa Nikolas as Haley
Melissa Ponzio as Karen
and Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene
The Suicide King is the ninth episode of Season 3 of The Walking Dead and the first episode of the second half of the season. It aired on February 10, 2013 at 9/8c on AMC. via wikia

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