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Food Discovery: Asia Food Recipe

Monday, February 4, 2013

I have been liking Facebook pages lately and I'm excited to share one of my favorite Facebook fanpages with you. This is the Asia Food Recipea community of food lovers that share cooking recipes, household tips, party printable, cooking classes and the best merchants in Asia. I discovered this page through Facebook ads which I have seen on my news feed sidebar.

I love this fanpage because of several reasons. Let's take a look.
  1. They share recipes along with artistic bento inspirations, creative food presentation ideas, healthy food tips.
  2. They also share home inspirations, table settings, crafts, culinary, baking, health and wellness.
  3. They feature fans who submit recipe in their Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  4. They hold weekly contest.
  5. They send free bento kits as appreciation gifts to bloggers who write about them.
  6. They have an interactive community. 
My most favorite reason is because of the bento ideas! They are perfect for my nephews and nieces. I just hope I could have a bento kit for me to prepare food for them. They are somewhat picky so a creative presentation is likely enticing. I would love to have the Hello Kitty waffle maker they are giving away.

Here are some of the bento inspirations from Asia Food Recipe's Facebook page which I want to make:

Hot Dog Hearts - Romantic breakfast for me and my husband
Hello Kitty with Flora Bouquet Bento for my nieces
Another Hello Kitty Bento for my nieces
Sleeping Rilakkuma for my nephews

And here's a parade of lovely bentos from their website:

Sunflower Bento box

Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake

Little Red Riding Hood Egg

Sweet Couple Dinner Roll Bento perfect for my parents

Aren't they cute and delightful? Visit Asia Food Recipe now to get the most creative bento ideas and discover delicious recipes.

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2. Filipino recipes
3. Asian Cooking Videos

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